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Making money without raising a finger is a dream of many people, however, sometimes, it is very difficult to make this dream come true. A passive income is the best way to achieve this dream and authority websites will help you make money on autopilot.

Sitebull is a professional authority website creation service that handles all work from keyword research to website design and customization, as well as domain registration and hosting. We will help you to create authority websites that are monetized through AdSense or Amazon and make a considerable amount of money with minimum work.


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Why Authority Websites?

Authority websites evolved from lower quality micro niche websites and tend to have better rankings nowadays and so it is much easier to rank them, thus, if you decided to shift from micro niche websites towards authority sites, you have made the right decision. Google… algorithms are always evolving and the golden days of one page websites are gone!

The goals of authority websites are to deliver what your visitors are looking for and make them a very useful source of knowledge about that topic. So

you make money by providing real value to your visitors

This is exactly what Google wants! By releasing algorithm updates such as EMD update and Panda, Google has clearly stated that id does not what to see low quality websites with poor content anymore and if you want to build a reliable source of passive income… We are here to help you!

Incredible Website Features
You make money by providing real value to your visitors


1000+ Search Volume

$1 CPC With AdSense

High CPS in Amazon

From 5k to 20k words of content


All Important Pages

Easy-to-rank Keywords

Keyword optimized content

On-page optimization

Sitebull Website Customization

Tool allows you to tell us how you would like your future website to look, without endless email letters. In 1 minute, you will be able to pass us all your instructions and preferences and we will use this information to make website look exactly as you with, meeting all your requirements.

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